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Massimo Castagna

After his architectural studies concluded in 1984 at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Massimo Castagna, a determined architectural mind, took a very short step towards starting of his professional career. In 1986, he founded the studio AD Architettura, which still today follows important projects for international and historical design brands. In the world of architecture, his name was legitimized soon after with high caliber projects including the “Pyramid” laboratory designed for the scientific committee Everest-K2-CNR and realized for the National Council of Research. Installed in 1991, it is still operational in Nepal at a height of 5050 meters. The biggest collaborations and continued successes have also brought forth Massimo Castagna’s strong identity in the world of design. He is artistic director of some of the most important brands of the interior design sector and the products that he creates are always recognizable, with their strong and decisive features and passionate search to achieve new moods and sensations that distinguish his original work. Beyond their visual appeal, Massimo Castagna’s signature architecture, use of space, and products evoke many emotions. Among others, he has collaborated with Acerbis International, Ceccotti Collezioni, Exteta, Gallotti&Radice, Giorgetti, Henge, knIndustrie, Minotti poltrone e divani, Rossana Cucine.



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