A majestic sanctuary for the best of the getaways. Located along the coast above the Aegean Sea in Turkey’s southwestern province of Muğla, the Dolunay Villa is a joy to behold. This new private mansion seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural environment.

Foster + Partners designed each element to respond to a specific requirement of the client, inspired by the villa’s immediate background. The aim is to blur the borders between the inside and the en plein air lifestyle, with a constant flow of light and space through the large glass doors of the façade.

The palette of stone, wood and bronze blends with the exteriors, while the furnishing, envisioned by our dealer Interni Design Milano, warms up the soul with a graceful touch. Our architect Massimo Castagna carefully designed every piece that has been chosen as the perfect match in shape and service. Lavender bushes alongside olive trees enrich the air of familiar scents. The beautiful Mediterranean garden that surrounds the house opens up to breathtaking sea views.