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Vieste Chair

The summer breeze caressing the cliffs of Vieste evokes a design both light and elegant, classic and contemporary.

Vieste Chair is an iconic looking seat bringing a vintage feel reinterpreted following the modern trends. The different materials connect contrasts in the most harmonic way.


Massimo Castagna

Iconic touch

A reinterpretation of a great classic with a nostalgic taste, inspired by Italian summers: the director's chair in an outdoor key. From the great cabinet-making tradition of Exteta, a precious collection is born, timeless but with modern details.
Rounded edges
Recalling the nautical most refined style, the edges of the armrests and the structure are delicately rounded and smoothed. The armrests draw inspiration from the design of nautical oars, making the ergonomic comfort lead the seating experience.
Handmade delight
Precious finishing
The needlework details are a precious gift enhancing the craftsmanship look of the seat, a feature that adds a sense of tradition deeply connected to its cultural roots. The stainless steel T-shaped feet enrich the design with a contemporary touch.
Joint Play
Design connections
The backrest lines follow the classical echoes of nautical and vintage design style, smoothly jointing contrasting elements of the seat.

Iconic touch






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