Loro Piana, Dehors Stripe-Ecru


Moving down to the coast of Miami Beach, a tropical haven surrounded by the Florida Sea rises as a place where luxury, wellbeing and privacy suit each guest’s life. Beyond its ecstatic location, Star Island is also globally renowned as the floating jewel of South Florida’s architectural masterpieces. It is right in the heart of such beauty and preciousness that Dunagan Diverio Design Group, together with DOMO Architecture, creates the 22 Star Island project.

Thanks to the collaboration of local dealer Luminaire that supplied all precious furniture, Exteta contributes to the creation of this oasis of visual and sensory pleasure by providing environments characterized by extreme elegance and comfort. The generous seating configurations, designed to guarantee an intense sense of relaxation and ergonomics, are in perfect harmony with the beauty of a unique place where it is pleasing to get lost and isolated from the rest of the world.