Located on a Hollywood headland, Hillside living project takes the breath away from any visitor who can enjoy this 360-degree view of the entire Los Angeles skyline. The great design and the finest details, cared by Saota studio, break down any boundary between inside and outside. The entire landscape that surrounds the residence is completely embraced and captured within an architecture that seems to fuse with the whole everything.

The imposing windows minimize the presence of architectural barriers keeping constant a flow that starts from a theatrical pool garden and drops into the luxury and elegance of convivial environments. It is certainly an extraordinary project that dominates any other building located in the surroundings of the Sunset Strip. Exteta, through the support of its dealer Mass Beverly, can only be enthusiastic and proud to have been involved in the realization of such an exclusive heavenly place not only by furnishing but also by creating an invisible link that connects and makes unique all living spaces.