Roller Kitchen 19 min


Roller Kitchen

A new concept of kitchen, in motion.

The Roller Kitchen embodies the desire for outdoor freedom and informality by making every feature of the kitchen mobile. The Roller Kitchen is available in two modules, 120 and 180 cm. Its lightness and ability to move break from the kitchen’s conceptual and aesthetic limits with elegant lines, details, and contrasts between the purity of the steel and the warmth of the wood.


Massimo Castagna

Total freedom

Pure elegance
Top and handle
The stainless steel top adds a contemporary flavor to the material’s functional characteristics. Resistance to impact, scratches, external agents, corrosion, and deterioration caused by wear are combined with simple and linear aesthetics to embrace every outdoor scenario. The finish gives a traditional material, considered cold and aseptic, a new warm, bright, and shining soul that creates a special play of light and reflections. The curved steel handle is an accessory that makes moving even more fluid and gives the Roller Kitchen a retro detail.
Minimal luxury
Cooking system
The exclusive Exteta cooking accessories and systems available for the Roller Kitchen are made of stainless steel for outdoor use. The kitchen becomes a unique and personal project, adapting to different needs and preferred cooking methods thanks to a wide range of customizable elements, such as the teppan yaki hotplate, perfect for an outdoor BBQ.
Technology and handicrafts
The Roller Kitchen doors are the result of a new technology developed by Exteta that combines an aluminum honeycomb panel with the naturalness of solid mahogany. The door handle celebrates the master craftsmen’s ability to artfully craft solid wood based on the ergonomic study of the opening gesture.